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>>>Harrison Wilde is a pen name for a well-published author. He is a child psychologist living in the Southern US and the author of many books under his real name. He works with sexually and physically abused children in his practice. He loves the outdoors, exercise, his family, music, and writing.

>>>In an attempt to protect the identity of the characters in this book, the real identity of Harrison Wilde has been concealed. You can learn more about Mr. Wilde by clicking on the Interview link. Please watch for future works from Harrison Wilde. Maybe one day his identity will be made public.

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>>>This biographical memoir set in the Midwest chronicles a boy's 13th year and the challenges he faces as he approaches puberty, the power of his sexual awakening, and the loneliness of a child living with an authoritarian, abusive father. This nostalgic trip through a simpler time of early morning paper routes and Saturday afternoon little league baseball games, follows the childhood challenges of transitioning from childhood to young adult as he learns about friendships, sex, bullying, himself, and death. This sometimes humorous and other times thought provoking story combines humor, thoughtfulness, and introspection which unfold in the context of a child carrying the heavy secret of sexual abuse.
"In this moving and exquisitely written book, the author shares his often painful experiences as an adolescent whose parents were frail and frustrated as the result of their histories and abilities. He recognizes his parents were not the parents they wanted to be and describes his constant desire and efforts to be the parent he wants to be. The title, Riding With No Hands is an accurate metaphor for parenting. This is a must read for parents and child psychotherapists."

-Trudy Post Sprunk LMFT/LPC/RPT, past President of Association for Play Therapy and President of Georgia Association for Play Therapy